Find out where you need to improve your website performance to convert customers and improve SEO

There are many reasons why a website audit is a great idea. Your site maybe slow, you’re not ranking on Google, you’re getting lots of spam messages, your site is not converting how you expect it to, it’s old and hasn’t been looked at technically since the day it was launched.

A website audit is a deep dive into the technical side of your website. We are looking to see how each individual page is performing before you undertake any SEO or web redesign.

4 Key Problems

  • Web performance is poor

  • Broken links and images

  • No traffic to your site

  • Website is old and clunky

4 Key Benefits

  • Website performance is optimised

  • Check for SEO, keywords, meta descriptions,

  • Conversion rate optimisation

  • Issue identification

What you get in your website audit

  • Full site evaluation

  • Identify missed SEO opportunities

  • Website effectiveness evaluation

  • Competitor analysis

  • Identify problems

  • Assess website content

  • Find technical issues

  • Review design and UX

  • A comprehensive report on all site issues with recommended fixes.

  • Mobile responsiveness


  • Audit of your current website
  • 10 point system check
  • Comprehensive report on issues
  • What you need to do to fix the issues

Use your website audit to determine what work needs to be undertaken to get your site optimised.

By ordering a website audit, you will find the problems that are impacting your websites function, SEO and conversions. By identifying the issues you can then begin to fix what is slowing down your business.

We can show you how to improve traffic and drive conversions.