3Bellas web maintenance is a popular service. We know how we all love a shiny new website, but they outdate quickly and if you’re not maintaining them, not only does your website look outdated but you do too. Whether you are or not, we don’t judge but your target market will. We provide a number of options to help you take care of your website or we can do that for you.

Our maintenance packages are flexible and cover a number of web maintenance problems and the biggest one of all, we know you have better things to do than working on something you don’t know anything about or want to know.

When is a maintenance plan not a maintenance problem?

When you want more than what is on the checklist to the right. Typically anything that takes longer than 60 minutes goes under the project category. This could be redesigning your pages, rebranding your website, moving from a static site to an eCommerce site.

NOTE: Monthly admin hours in the web care packages do not roll over if not used.

  • Keep your site secure

  • Improve site loading time

  • Install | Update premium plugins

  • Regular site backups

  • Sort plugin conflicts

  • WordPress theme updates

  • Add new pages

  • Add new products

  • Fix 404 errors

  • Fix redirection issues

3Bellas Web Care

$9900 + GSTmonthly
  • WordPress Core, Theme and Plugin updates
  • Content Updates / Bug Fixes (+ 1 admin hour)
  • Security Enhancements & Monitoring
  • Speed Enhancements
  • Website recovery (if hosting with us)
  • Direct unlimited email support
  • Website Backup (Monthly)
  • Note – admin hours do not roll over or transfer

3Bellas Web Care +

$19900 + GSTmonthly
  • incl 3Bellas Web Care
  • Content Updates / Bug Fixes (+ 2 admin hours)
  • eCommerce Support
  • Membership Support
  • Comment Spam Cleanup
  • Website Backup (Fortnightly)
  • Blog Posts (up to 2 per month)
  • Note – admin hours do not roll over or transfer

3Bellas Web Care ++

$29900 + GSTMonthly
  • incl 3Bellas Web Care
  • incl 3Bellas Web Care +
  • Blog Posts (up to 4 per month)
  • Content Updates / Bug Fixes (+ 4 admin hours)
  • Content Improvement Suggestions
  • Website Backup (Weekly)
  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Note – admin hours do not roll over or transfer

8 Reasons Web Maintenance Is A Great Idea

  • We scan for security issues

  • Take regular back ups of your site.

  • Check for broken links.

  • Update plugins.

  • Keep content fresh.

  • Real people who can respond in real time.

  • Software updates

  • Check performance and offer up real solutions.

From start to finish, 3Bella’s service and expertise were outstanding. Providing training, ideas, web maintenance and ongoing support. I am one very happy client. Gayle Hofmaier Feet First Footwear

Gayle Hofmaier

WordPress Plugin Care Package

Are you sick of getting spam notification emails from your website?

  • We can monitor your site and provide security updates.
  • We will also keep your WordPress plugins up to date.

This **standalone package is available now for $19.99 incl GST per month ($239.88 incl GST per year, paid 12 months in advance.)

By clicking the BUY NOW button you will be redirected to Stripe where you will complete your payment details. To view Stripe’s privacy policy click here.

**WordPress Plugin Care Package does not include website content updates or features in the 3Bellas Web Care, Web Care + or Web Care ++ packages.

Managing your blog | article posts

3Bellas knows how important it is for a website to have a blog. It’s how your share with your target market. You’re providing them with your expertise and a solution. But, we also know that you don’t have the time, or the know-how to get it on your site. Read below for inclusions and exclusions for this popular service.

We will read your post and tweak for minor spelling and grammar but we do not edit or proof your post. Editing and proofing are additional to the blog package.

You get from us

  • Draft the post

  • Tags

  • Categories

  • Add meta description | focus keywords

  • Schedule

We need from you

  • Content

  • Images | graphics

  • Focus keyword

  • Meta description

  • Date | schedule time