30 08, 2020

How much does a website cost?

2020-08-30T15:43:47+10:00August 30th, 2020|, |

That depends entirely on what you need built, redesigned, or rebranded. We don't take a cookie-cutter approach. We're fully aware there is no one size fits all and our pricing depends entirely on your requirements and what we need to do to deliver on your expectation. If you have a project in mind, contact us, share with us what it is you would like and we will let you know how we can deliver it.

30 08, 2020

How will I pay you?

2020-08-30T14:58:23+10:00August 30th, 2020||

We will send you an invoice where you can either make payments directly into our bank account or you can pay via your credit card. We use Stripe to handle all of our credit card payments and you can read their privacy policy here. Your invoice will be delivered electronically.

30 08, 2020

Are there any upfront costs?

2020-08-30T14:45:07+10:00August 30th, 2020||

Yes, there is. If we are redesigning or building you a new website, you may be up for one or more of these costs. These costs are separate from the planning, design and build cost for your site. Web hosting SSL certificate Domain Transfer Theme Back up of the current website Overlay new theme Install new plugins and preparation for a rebuild

30 08, 2020

Can I pay for my new website in instalments?

2020-08-30T14:55:34+10:00August 30th, 2020||

Yes, you can. To help you manage your budget we have broken our payment process into payment steps, 50 + 25 +25. A deposit of 50% is due and payable before work can commence on the planning, design, build of your website. Then midway through the build, a further 25% is due and payable and the final 25% is due and payable prior to website handover. **Exclusions Web hosting, SSL certificate, Domain Transfer, Theme, Back up of the current website, overlay new theme, install new plugins and preparation for rebuild must be paid for in advance.

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