WOW, all the colours in the rainbow to choose from when starting your business can be overwhelming. Where to begin? How do you make your colour choice? What is the meaning behind your decision? There is enough to make your head spin!

Well, we’re going to try and make that simple for you. There are many reasons that you choose the colours you do when building your brand.

  • Your favourite colours
  • Brightness
  • Softness
  • In your face, POP

Have you ever thought about the clientele you are trying to attract to your business when choosing your colour palette? I bet you haven’t.

There is a meaning behind every colour

Colours are powerful, and the designers are the artists that integrate them. They create a story without words and build a connection at a glance. Sounds easy, right?

See below to find out what your colours mean.

  • RED – passion, danger, love, fire, heat, energy, confidence, authority, strength
  • BLUE – trust, reliability, power, knowledge, authority, loyalty, professionalism, luxury, tranquillity, relaxation, peace
  • GREEN – growth, prosperity, health, calmness, stability, sustainability, eco-conscious, wealth, finances
  • ORANGE – fun, fresh, vibrant, tranquil, earthy, youthful, cheerful, enthusiast, creative
  • YELLOW – cheerful, happy, passionate, excited, energized, optimistic, powerful
  • PURPLE – is ambition, luxury, royalty, healing, femininity, prestige, connection, power, mystery, progressive
  • PINK – playful, healthy, innocent, joyful, bold, rebellious, soft, love, kindness
  • BLACK – rich, luxurious, bold, power, elegance, sophistication, classic, progressive, clean
  • WHITE – pure, clean, peaceful, delicate, balanced, simple, sophisticated

Remember that colours have different meanings depending on what part of the world you live in. So factor that in when making your colour choice.

Tips to help you when making your decision

  • Think of the clients you want to attract
  • Research your colour choice
  • What will make you stand out from the rest

It’s not a wham, bam, thank you mam decision, take your time, it’s not a race.

If you get that niggling feeling that it just doesn’t look right, contact 3Bellas, and we can sort it for you!

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