The story behind the 3Bellas

30 years ago, Jacqui and Lindy met while working at the Country Fire Authority, Jacqui in communications and Lindy in Operations. During this time we developed a lifelong friendship that has seen us through many years of changes. I can’t remember when I introduced Anita to Lindy, more than 9 years ago, that’s a certainty.

Lindy has Italian heritage and calls all her female friends and family Bella. So it was only natural that we would become 3Bellas. So who are the 3Bellas? They are businesswomen, wives, mothers and family. Who most years manage to get away on a Thelma and Louise and Louise trip (minus Brad Pitt) but in recent times COVID has sent our opportunities to get together face to face out the window.

For 9 years we have collaborated on some amazing projects for thought leaders and small business owners. We each run our own businesses and when the need arises, we get together and provide the solutions our clients are looking for.

We each have our strengths that complement each other when it comes to creating something beautiful for clients. We’re like a well-oiled machine when we work together and that’s one of the reasons our clients love working with us. We get the job done. With one point of contact, we manage the project from idea to implementation.

Whether it is redesigning, or creating new websites or simply updating a site, working on blog posts, scheduling them via Active Campaign or Mailchimp. We’re the solution our clients love.

I can personally vouch for this team – they are our rock when it comes to making it all work well and look amazing. Thank you – Rohan Dredge, Speaker, Mentor, Author, Coach

Jacqui James Web Planning

Web planning

Helping clients sort their website issues has been part of my business services since 2011.

I’ve lost count of the number of websites Lindy and I have collaborated on since then. We often work on the sites of mutual clients. Everything from new designs to upgrades, and maintenance.

My expertise lies in processes and systems so I help our clients create a plan that will work for them and then I work with Anita and Lindy to pull it all together.

We’re a team, a well-oiled team and we provide our clients with the solutions they need.

Web build

Specialising in all things WordPress, I’m the web developer and technical third of the 3Bella’s team. I’m a designer at heart who strives to create simple, seamless experiences on devices of all types and sizes.

I love to work with businesses or individuals who have had web or design work done previously and were unsatisfied with the outcome. I believe you should be 100% happy with the product you are paying for and am determined to deliver on that promise every time.

Bella Anita

Web maintenance

I’ve been running my own small business since 2012, and have worked with both Jacqui and Lindy quite a bit over the years. It’s only natural that we have come together to be the solution to your website dilemmas!

As part of 3Bellas, it’s my job to take care of all the small things, so you don’t have too. Your content writer need only send your blogs; I will set them up with all the bells and whistles to make them look fabulous. And, that includes your old posts too.