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Chances are we’ve already answered your questions. Take a look at our FAQ section and if we don’t have an answer below for you, you can reach out to us here.

What is included in our web care service?2020-09-01T20:07:54+10:00

We take care of your website, it’s really that simple.

We take care of the following for you.

WordPress and Theme updates | Backups and Security | Performance and Improvement | Content and Image Optimisation.

Does 3Bellas write my content and supply graphics2020-08-30T15:55:49+10:00

Unfortunately no, your website needs your content and graphics and these should be supplied as soon as possible so we can deliver your website to you as soon as possible.

What will 3Bellas need to start work on my website redesign or build?2020-08-30T15:49:06+10:00

If you haven’t already we will ask you to submit a quote request. Our forms are intuitive and will ask you questions based on your answer to the previous one.

We will have a discovery call and ask you as many questions as we need to in order to get the full picture.

You will need to gather your content and graphics and share them with us.

How much does a website cost?2020-08-30T15:43:47+10:00

That depends entirely on what you need built, redesigned, or rebranded. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. We’re fully aware there is no one size fits all and our pricing depends entirely on your requirements and what we need to do to deliver on your expectation.

If you have a project in mind, contact us, share with us what it is you would like and we will let you know how we can deliver it.

What happens if I don’t maintain my website?2020-08-30T15:27:29+10:00

Your website will become vulnerable to SPAM and web attacks. Other nasty things include malware, errors, broken links, security issues, slow loading pages. All of these things issues can damage your business credibility. If you’re looking for help with your website, we offer some inclusive web care packages.

Do you work only with WordPress?2020-08-30T15:21:13+10:00

Yes, this is our area of expertise and preference.

What happens if I don’t pay my web host account?2020-08-30T15:17:54+10:00

Of course, you can move your web host account anywhere at any time.

If you’re unable to pay your web host account or you ignore the initial invoice, reminder and follow up reminder, your website will be closed as the web host will cancel your service.

How do I pay for web hosting?2020-08-30T15:14:51+10:00

You will be invoiced yearly and GST is charged on web hosting.

Can I transfer my website to your preferred web host?2020-08-30T15:12:16+10:00

Yes, you can.

Transferring your website from one hosting provider to another can be a bit of a process so we’d love to chat with you about this first just to make sure we can make the transition as seamless as possible.

Can you do web hosting?2020-08-30T15:12:46+10:00

We have a preferred provider is a Melbourne based business whose servers are in Sydney. They offer 24/7 service and have an impeccable track record. We have worked very closely with them for a number of years.

Do you charge GST?2020-08-30T15:06:34+10:00

Yes, 3Bellas is registered for and will charge GST on all services and products which is currently 10%.

If I have a web care package how do I pay for that?2020-08-30T15:03:26+10:00

Your web care package regardless of the tier is always paid I advance.

Wherever you sign up in the month, your first web care invoice will be pro-rated to the end of the month, then you will be invoiced the full amount on the 1st of the following month.

How will I pay you?2020-08-30T14:58:23+10:00

We will send you an invoice where you can either make payments directly into our bank account or you can pay via your credit card. We use Stripe to handle all of our credit card payments and you can read their privacy policy here.

Your invoice will be delivered electronically.

What payment options are available?2020-08-30T14:54:34+10:00

We love to make things easy for you and we offer both direct debit and card payments options.

Can I make changes to my website myself?2020-08-30T14:55:16+10:00

Yes, you can. We love it when clients take a hand in their own website.

We will provide you with some basic training to help you make basic changes.

If you would rather we took care of your web care for you. You can find out more here.

I have my own domain can I use it?2020-08-30T14:55:25+10:00

Of course, you can, and we will point it to your new website.

Who owns the rights to my website?2020-08-30T14:49:19+10:00

You do 100%.


Are there any upfront costs?2020-08-30T14:45:07+10:00

Yes, there is. If we are redesigning or building you a new website, you may be up for one or more of these costs. These costs are separate from the planning, design and build cost for your site.

  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificate
  • Domain Transfer
  • Theme
  • Back up of the current website
  • Overlay new theme
  • Install new plugins and preparation for a rebuild
Can I pay for my new website in instalments?2020-08-30T14:55:34+10:00

Yes, you can. To help you manage your budget we have broken our payment process into payment steps, 50 + 25 +25.

A deposit of 50% is due and payable before work can commence on the planning, design, build of your website. Then midway through the build, a further 25% is due and payable and the final 25% is due and payable prior to website handover.


Web hosting, SSL certificate, Domain Transfer, Theme, Back up of the current website, overlay new theme, install new plugins and preparation for rebuild must be paid for in advance.

What is not included in web care?2020-09-01T20:09:40+10:00

3Bellas web care, web care + and web care ++ packages do not include web site design/layout changes, integrations you may have with CRMs or building of landing pages.


At 3Bellas we help our clients get the best out of their ideas so that we can deliver on the project as they expect. To find out more about how we can help you to plan for your next web project, you can click here to book a call and to tell us about it, or you can drop us a message here.

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